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We want everyone to see how much fun you can have writing cool, interactive computer graphics programs. So the first half of our 2D Animation and Interaction class is completely free!

Each week's videos are organized in groups. I strongly encourage you to watch the videos in order, because they build on one another. And don't forget to download the programs and handouts for each week!

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There's much more in the second half of the course!

The first four weeks give you the foundations for writing cool, interactive programs. But that's just the start!

The second half of the course builds on those foundations, giving you a whole new set of powerful programming and graphics techniques that will expand your creative horizons dramatically.

Here's what we'll cover:


Week 5
Lists and Transforms

  1. Overview
  2. Randomness
  3. Arrays
  4. Transforms
  5. Using Transforms
  6. Recap and Homework
  7. Programs and Handouts

Week 6

  1. Overview
  2. Curves and Segments
  3. Useful Geometry Tools
  4. Catmull-Rom Curves
  5. Bezier Curves
  6. Rotating with atan2
  7. Recap and Homework
  8. Programs and Handouts

Week 7
Type, Images, Patterns

  1. Overview
  2. Strings
  3. Typography
  4. Images
  5. PVector
  6. Repeating Patterns
  7. Recap and Homework
  8. Programs and Handouts

Week 8

  1. Overview
  2. Big Projects
  3. Objects
  4. Odds and Ends
  5. Overview of 3D
  6. Sharing Your Work
  7. Going Further
  8. Recap and Homework
  9. Programs and Handouts

For full details on all the videos and materials that make up the second half of the course, check out the video syllabus (if you want all the details, you can read the much more detailed complete syllabus).

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