Learn how to create gorgeous interactive graphics

An online course that's fast, entertaining, and fun.
And the first half is free!

2D Interaction and Animation is an 8-week online video class that will teach you to create powerful, expressive, and interactive computer graphics. If you can browse the web and send email, you've got all the skills you need to master this exciting new way to communicate.

This 8-week course is made up of short videos: most are less than 10 minutes, so you can watch them in bite-sized pieces at your own pace. Then I'll give you a fun homework assignment. You can share your work on our forum, and trade ideas and feedback with other people.

If you're an artist, student, business person, scientist, teacher, web designer, or anyone else with an interest to communicate powerful and interactive visual ideas, this the course for you!

And now the entire first half is free! Click here to get started!

Watch our Overview Video

Preview some applications of the ideas and techniques you'll learn in this course. The programs for every one of these examples (and many, many more!) are all yours as part of the course, to study, modify, and use for your own projects. Ready to get started? Click here!

Course at a Glance

  • Learn to make animated, interactive
    computer graphics
  • Fast: 8 weeks from start to finish
  • Convenient: Most videos are
    under 10 minutes
  • Social: share your work, ideas, and experiences on the forum
  • Tons of sample programs for your use
  • No fancy math
  • Uses the free Processing system
  • Not just programming: learn the
    best techniques of computer graphics
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Watch the first half for free!

Our course is eight weeks long, but the first 4 weeks are now completely free! Our goal is to have lots of people learn how to write wonderful, interactive programs. And we bet once you've learned the basics, you'll want to keep going. But that's for you to decide. For now, there's a ton of great material waiting just for you - click the button below to get started!

Learn More

Our Course Page tells you a lot more about how the course works. It includes some sample course videos for you to watch. There are also lots of sample programs for you to run right in your browser, so you can get a feeling for the types of things you'll learn to do in this class. You can also check out our Frequently Asked Questions, or read more About Us.