This is a little program running live, right in your browser! Every drawing is unique, and will never appear again in exactly the same way. In this course you'll learn how to easily write fun little programs like this.

About The Course: 2D Animation & Interaction

Run These Programs

Here are just a few examples of the kinds of programs you'll learn to write in this course. Click on any thumbnail to run that program right in your browser.

Each example shows the program itself. Don't worry if the program text is mysterious to you, because by the end of the course it will make perfect sense. Really!

How the course works

Our 8-week course is called 2D Animation & Interaction. Each week's material is presented in a collection of short videos that you can stream and watch on just about any device. The videos are friendly, clear, and focused on just one subject at a time. You can watch the videos on your own schedule: most are less than 10 minutes long.

Support materials include tons of sample programs for you to study and use in any way you like, and reference handouts for each week's key material. You absolutely don't need to buy anything else, but if you like having a book by your side, you can buy a copy of my book, Processing for Visual Artists. It covers much of the same material that's in the course, but it sometimes offers more detail or alternative explanations.

In just 8 weeks, you'll be able to write amazing, beautiful, interactive computer graphics for your reports, presentations, web pages, site designs, kiosks, meetings, or anywhere else you want to communicate with exciting and meaningful visuals.

What you'll learn

  • The techniques of 2D Computer Graphics
  • Animation: How to make things move
  • Interaction: Creating responsive programs
  • The fundamentals of modern programming
  • The Processing computer language
  • How to prototype and refine your ideas
  • How to go from paper to program
  • The tricks of the trade: the idioms, conventions, and tools of 2D computer graphics
  • How to make and manipulate shapes, colors, typography, curves, motion, and even patterns in both time and space

Preview Course Videos

Here are some actual videos from the course. Since these are from the course itself, don't worry if I refer to unfamiliar terms or ideas. By the time you reach each of these videos, everything will make perfect sense. These examples illustrate different aspects of what makes our videos clear and easy to understand.

Click on any thumbnail to open a new tab and stream the video live to your browser.